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3 Reasons To Start Using Vaccination Tracking Software

Vaccines are a hot-button topic these days. While most people know that they cause neither autism nor influenza, convincing patients to make an appointment for their annual immunizations may still prove challenging. It’s easy for patients to lose track of which vaccinations they need from year to year — but it’s a challenge for many doctors, too.

If your office or hospital is still keeping track of vaccines with spreadsheets or other traditional means, it’s likely that you’re losing a significant amount of money and product. There’s simply too much room for human error. But vaccination tracking software can help you keep better records of pertinent vaccination information so you can better serve your patients. Here are just three reasons you should be using vaccination tracking software for your practice:

  1. It’s more accurate
    Simply put, using a vaccine tracking system is far more accurate and up-to-date than other means of bookkeeping. If one person forgets to update your spreadsheet or makes an error in doing so, it can throw your entire office out of whack. Vaccines may expire before you can use them; inventory numbers may not match up with what’s on paper or what your practice requires. To make sure that your supply can keep up with the demand, you need a more efficient system. Vaccination tracking software will allow you to keep more precise records and anticipate needs without the risk of human error.
  2. It will save money
    Having a vaccine tracking system can actually save money for your practice. When you have to throw out spoiled vaccines or don’t have enough — or too many — vaccinations in stock, your office loses out financially. Although vaccinations themselves are quite affordable for patients, a single missing vaccine can cost an office $180 when all is said and done. Having the right number of doses in stock for your specific practice will allow you to have less money tied up in extraneous vaccines and will make sure you don’t miss out on vaccination opportunities.
  3. It can help provide better care
    When you use vaccination tracking in conjunction with electronic medical records software, you’re able to provide the highest quality care for your patients. Most patients don’t even think to keep track of their immunization info, so it’s up to physicians’ offices to keep impeccable immunization records. Having electronic medical records will give correct and current information to your office staff every time. When staff members are informed and have access to the right info, your patients will be happier and healthier. In fact, more than two-thirds of people stated that having electronic health records improve patient care. So when you combine electronic records with better tracking of your immunizations, you’re in a much better position to give your patients what they need more consistently. And that’s a win for everyone.

If you want to find out more about how having systems for electronic health records and vaccination tracking can help your practice be more successful, contact us today!

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