Managing occ health data and reporting trends for healthcare personnel is a monumental task. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the power behind electronic health records software, Venato.

What is Venato?
Venato is a simple yet powerful solution to manage and monitor your staff’s occ health information based on customized settings you designate to align with your requirements.

Venato enables simplified management and reporting of:

  • Immunizations
  • Respirator Fit Tests
  • TB Tests
  • Health Events (such as needlesticks) & more…

Requirements may be managed at both the job code and position level.  Venato automatically crunches the data, allowing you to proactively determine the compliance of staff today and at various points in the future. It reduces the administrative burden of data collection, provides alerts, and enables invaluable reporting at the click of a button.

Venato is a secure, cloud-based solution that integrates with your existing system. It enables 24/7 access from anywhere, and automates upgrades and feature additions.


How does Venato integrate with our current HRMS?
Venato augments your existing HR management system with easy-to-use, specialized functionality for managing occ health requirements and reporting. Venato supports two means of integration with your existing system, such as Infor Lawson, Oracle PeopleSoft, or Meditech:

  • Existing staff, requirements and related information may be uploaded via Excel spreadsheets to eliminate redundant data entry; or
  • Venato works with you to provide automated synchronization with your existing system so that any changes to staff assignments will be automatically reflected.

 Contact us for more information regarding easy integration.


How do we get started?
To ensure your organization’s success with Venato, system delivery is completed across four phases which may be completed in as short as two weeks’ time, depending on the size of your organization:

  1. Plan: A comprehensive Project Plan will be developed detailing your organization’s unique configuration requirements, task completion dates, and who needs to be involved at each step along the way.
  2. Configure & Integrate: Venato will be set up and configured to reflect your organization’s departmental structure, positions, requirements and staff. Your existing personnel management system will be leveraged to populate Venato, thus eliminating duplicate data entry.
  3. Verify & Improve: Our first priority is your success with Venato. We build time into the delivery plan to ensure that you are getting the right information that meets your organization’s specific needs.
  4. Rollout & Training: Training is provided through:
    • Train-the-Trainer sessions with copies of training materials
    • Quick reference cards
    • Online tutorials & regularly scheduled training webcasts

After Venato is in use, we are here to provide you with continued support to ensure your success.


How can I find out if Venato can pay for itself?

Often Venato pays for itself simply by eliminating the expense of paper health records for your staff. It also saves the time that your occ health team is spending on administrative tasks that keep them from more important work, like preventing on-the-job injuries. Plus, with Venato’s mouse-click trending, you can assess and address health and safety issues by job code, further saving costs on potential worker’s comp. Ask us for a free financial assessment to see how much paper records are costing your hospital!


How does your 60-day guarantee work?

Venato offers a 60 Day Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee.  It’s simple, really.  At Venato, our goal is to make your job easier.  We are so confident in our solution and support that we guarantee your satisfaction.  If you are not completely satisfied within 60 days of the contract effective date, we will give you a complete refund.


How is Venato licensed?
Venato’s occ health reporting and requirements management capabilities are available via an annual subscription based on the number of staff your organization needs to track. Venato licensing includes full access to Venato’s capabilities. Venato is always free for use by your healthcare staff. Let us know if you’re interested in getting a quote based on the size of your healthcare organization.


How is the data secured for viewing and editing?
All communications with Venato are managed via encrypted, HTTPS requests, and the data storage is HIPAA compliant. Security within Venato is based on the following levels/roles:

  • “Occ Health Manager” accounts, typically for Occ Health personnel, are able to manage the departmental structure, positions, immunization and fit testing requirements, and staff assignments, in addition to full access to reporting capabilities for the entire organization.
  • “Department Manager” accounts may view compliance reports for their respective department (or sub-departments) and get CCed on notification alerts concerning vaccinations that are due.
  • “Associate” accounts, or the staff members themselves, may view their personal report card showing requirements and compliance information.


How does Venato performance scale to large organizations?
As data changes, such as staff assignments or new requirements, Venato uses proprietary algorithms to generate rollup reports.  In this way, high level, real-time reporting metrics are brought up nearly instantaneously, and Venato can easily scale to thousands of staff members being tracked. Schedule a demo to see it in action!


Is single sign-on supported?
If your organization requires single sign-on support, simply let us know! Our highest priority is Venato’s success in your environment; so we’re happy to work with you to make this happen.


What data export capabilities exist?
We understand the importance of being able to export data for offline use, so nearly everything is exportable.  And if the data you need is not yet exportable, we’ll gladly add support for it.

Additionally, an associates vaccination information may be exported to a Vaccine Administration Record for Adults PDF report with the click of a button.


Does Venato provide automated notifications to my staff?
Yes! Venato will notify staff when their tracking items, such as vaccinations or fit tests, are going to expire in 90 and 60 days out.  At 30, 15 and 0 days, an email will notify the respective staff member in addition to their department manager(s) when the tracking item is fulfilling a compliance requirement.  Notifications are customizable by staff member.