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Venato Occ Health Software is Gold Sponsor at CHAHRM

Denver, CO – February 27, 2015 – Venato, a secure cloud-based occ health software solution for healthcare organizations, announced that they will be a gold sponsor at this year’s CHAHRM conference in Manitou Springs, Colorado. The Colorado Healthcare Association for Human Resource Management (CHAHRM) will hold their Spring Conference on March 5-6.

Venato streamlines the way immunization records, respirator fit tests, and tuberculosis tests are organized and tracked for healthcare personnel. The software serves as a central repository for the multitude of records a healthcare worker is required to maintain, and enables management to gain insightful reports for internal audits, external surveys and reporting. It automatically and proactively monitors staff records so that management and staff are notified when critical requirements are nearing expiration.

“There has been a definite uptick of interest in Venato, especially since many healthcare organizations rely on spreadsheets to track immunizations, certifications and other records for their healthcare staff,” said Billy McCafferty, CEO of Venato. “We’re excited to be a gold sponsor for the CHAHRM Spring Conference and look forward to helping more healthcare organizations get a better handle on occ health management.”

Schedule a demo of Venato’s occ health management solution for healthcare organizations. For more information about the CHAHRM Spring Conference, visit

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