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Venato is a simple, robust occupational health software solution that reduces your administrative burden and workload. Now, you can serve the health and safety needs of your patients and staff across a network of hospitals. Anytime. Anywhere.

Does this sound like you?AdminQuote

  • Tons (and tons) of paper – in multiple locations
  • High costs paying for offsite records storage for decades
  • Duplicate records
  • Inaccurate data
  • Lost charts
  • Missing information
  • Information delays
  • Time consuming data entry
  • Inability to easily report trends
  • High turnover, making tracking nearly impossible

It’s time to let technology do what it should be doing so you can make a difference on the hospital floor!

Paper tracking is not sustainable and impossible to integrate across multiple hospitals, especially when you’re on the line for the CDC’s increasing reporting and requirements.

You know your spreadsheets are inadequate, full of glitches and lack customer support. You don’t have precious manpower to waste on administration and endlessly staying on top of associate records.

Monitors compliance at the enterprise level.

Automatically notifies staff when immunizations are about to expire.

Easily calculates NHSN reporting metrics so you can cut and paste the data directly into reports.

Automates manual processes so you save time and money, while keeping your staff safe and healthy!